In 2018 printed adhesive tape can be custom manufactured to your exacting specifications with the following as guidelines of what you can order:

  • Sizes range 12mm, 20mm, 36mm, 48mm (most common carton sealing tape recommended size), 76mm and 100mm
  • 3 spot colour print
  • Laminated and perforated options available
  • You can write on the tape with marker pens
  • High quality PVC material making the tape noiseless as it unwinds.

Some manufactures have first time user or starter-pack value deals. These include:

  • Artwork design and print set up
  • Plate and block charge
  • Size: 50mm x 50m PVC printed tape
  • Printed and manufactured in Sydney
  • Prompt, fast delivery
  • Delivery Australia wide


Some FAQ’s About Custom Printed Tapes

What can we print on rolls of Custom Print Packing Tape?

You can print almost anything on personalised custom printed packing tape, but what is popular is company logo’s, company contact details (address, phone, e-mail, website), QR codes, bar codes, promotional corporate info, product info.

Messages / print length on Custom Printed Logo Tape is generally 300mm in length, but at an additional cost can be up to 750mm long

Customers can order in very small qualities through to large consignments. There is considerable time involved in getting the printing “set up” ready for production for the first run. But once the first run is done, maybe using the starter-pack offer, then subsequent orders can be fulfilled quickly using the plates from the first run.

 How Long are the rolls of Custom Printed  Tape ?

Roll Length of tape is 66m, 100m and longer by arrangement.

Do  get to see a proof of my Custom Printed Logo Tape Order before it goes into production?

Yes, you recieve an artwork proof of your printed tape job, if approved, your order gets slotted in for production. if you need to make changes, please advise what needs to be done, and another artwork proof will be issued.

When I received my artwork proof, the colours look different on the screen than what I requested ?

If you have specified a PMS colour, don’t worry, it will arrive as that colour. Please remember that everyone has different screen resolutions on there computer.

What type of artwork files can be accepted for Custom Logo Printed Tape ?

Prefered artwork for Custom Print Tape jobs is:

1/ Illustrator/EPS format

2/ Good quality PDF

3/ Hard copy company letterhead or business card

4/ If it is an existing printed tape job, simply supply a sample of the tape.

The Eleven Media team have heard great things about Greenpak Industries Corp Pty Ltd who are Sydney based and suppliers of packaging materials and specialists in logo printed adhesive tape.

The business is a family owned, established in 1997 and located in Belmore New South Wales. They specialize in adhesive tape products for all applications to all industries. Offering wholesale pricing to end users.

Greenpack can also custom make to your size requirements packaging products including cartons, both printed and plain, as well as plastic bags of all sizes. They are experts at printing your logo or any other message onto a large variety of adhesive tape.

If  you want custom printed labels of any size or shape. Simply contact them and speak to one of their friendly staff members and let them create the right labelling tape for you. They can also provide a variety of generic labels for your packaging needs as well.

Contact them for a first time customer special price on this phone number +61 2 9758 0211 or visit the website here: