The law is an all-consuming beast, which both fascinates and demands much of those who work in its courts and offices. Many lawyers are like boxers, sparring their way through their days; and this can become an addictive fix. The intensity of the work, can, also, burn out its devotees. Sometimes a lawyer reaches a point, where he or she, just has to get away. Travel is a popular option in this set of circumstances, because the law is the main game in any city or town. Removing oneself from the down and dirty action, one knows so well, is the only antidote in this situation.

Travel Law & Travelling Lawyers

Australian lawyers love to travel and travel law is in their sights. A popular destination is Rome, where the legal system first eventuated, as part of the Roman Empire, before moving to Constantinople, which is known as Istanbul today. The Romans loved their public life and the law was a major part of that. Many of the laws, which have come down to us through English laws, were originally formulated during the times of the Roman Empire. Roman citizens were empowered with civil rights that often had to be defended in the courts.

Next, on the travel itinerary would have to be London, the home of that English common law system. The Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey are landmarks, definitely worth a visit from any self-respecting travelling lawyer from Adelaide or elsewhere. There is, of course, no codification of English law, which is why it is described as common law rather than as a civil law system. It is all about judicial precedents, which makes it fundamentally different from Justinian’s Roman codified legal system. English law is still a founding influence upon the laws in the land of the United States.

Perhaps, a visit to the big cities of the USA, may be on the cards for our intrepid travelling lawyer. Washington DC would have to be first cab of the rank, I would imagine. A sightseeing tour of the Supreme Court of the United States, with Abraham Lincoln’s statue peering down upon our ambulatory attorney, would be a highlight I am sure. Established in 1789, this courthouse has seen some serious action over the years. The court ruled over the 2000 presidential election between George W Bush and Al Gore. Well, you cannot be expected to get everything right, can you?