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The condition of having enlarged breasts is for females naturally. When such a condition occurs in men, it’s an abnormality, and it is called gynecomastia. You have probably observed some man who has boobs. While it is not a hurting thing, it looks weird in some way. A man with boobs will feel embarrassed even when with the ladies. It’s a condition however, and every man can be affected. That’s why we need to go deep into what this condition is. I will give the basics about this ‘man with boobs’ disease for your benefit.

What it really is

Due to the fact that men with bigger breasts never complain of any pin, there is a myth that its only fat deposits within the breast. That’s not a fact at all. The real thing is that these breasts are real. Breast tissue grows and develops more than it should in males. The results are bigger breasts visible by everyone. Pseudogynecomastia is the condition where fat accumulates on breasts of mean making them appear bigger. You can easily identify this condition if the man is generally obese. If otherwise, gynecomastia is the problem. Even if you carry out weight loss programs, they won’t be relevant in treating it. It’s not fat deposits.

Know if it really is gynecomastia

Once you observe some signs of bigger breasts, don’t jump into conclusions and start hating yourself. We have already seen that it can be Pseudogynecomastia or the real gynecomastia. There are certain specific symptoms that you should be looking for is you suspect boobs problem as a man. Here are the most common signs.

  • Tender breasts than normal
  • Swelling of the breast gland
  • Increase in areola (nipple surrounding tissue) diameter

Diagnosis procedures

You might be blaming your big breasts on gynecomastia while it’s not to be blamed. Other diseases come in form of bigger breasts too. E.g. mastitis, cyst, hematoma, fat necrosis etc. You might be caught off-guard by breast cancer while you are thinking that the big breast will soon disappear. For this reason, doctors will like to investigate further and prove which disease or condition is affecting you. Among the parts evaluated are the genitals, abdomen and the breasts themselves. If gynecomastia is proven, the diagnosis does not stop at that. The real cause of it has to be determined. You as the patient will have to participate by answering certain questions e.g. about family history.

If the basic examination procedures fail, advanced ones are recommended. These may include ultrasound scans, MRI, x-rays, tissue biopsy etc.


Depending on the results of the examination, there are various treatments adopted for the condition. Most of the conditions go away after a while. If things still persist, further treatments are considered. Hormone boosting can for example be done where the gynecomastia is due to hormonal imbalance. offers the best herbal male breast reduction pills on the market