There are some simple lifestyle changes, which we can all make to improve painful situations associated with aging. Many of us do get caught up in habitual behaviours, which are no longer age appropriate. Mindless repetition is an invisible killer within our modern urban lifestyles. We are all starting to read about the dangers of too much sitting and the sedentary lifestyle. Awareness of this can be extended to include how we move about in our lives and whether we are doing the same old routines. People, unfortunately, can become like robots moving about in repetitious patterns; and this does not serve us well for our health and wellbeing.

Improve the Pains of Aging with Some Simple Lifestyle Changes

We are learning that having lots of regular mini breaks, in any activity that we are involved in, is good for our health. Break things up at work and in your home-based activities, have short rest stops. Get up from prolonged tasks and stretch and walk about. Don’t drive vehicles for long distances and periods of time without lots of stops and movement breaks. As we age, getting the blood circulating around our bodies becomes even more important. We can seize up, if we do not get some gentle exercise when working at a desk, even while cooking in the kitchen, or sitting on the couch.

If you can walk to the local shops instead of taking the car, do so, but don’t then carry heavy shopping bags home. Be smart with your physical exercise choices. Lie on your back sometimes and do some gentle leg and arm raising movements. Turnover on your stomach and carefully raise your legs to strengthen your lower spinal core. Don’t sit still for too long. Go outside when you can and refresh yourself with a walk or turn around the garden.

Back pain is so often exacerbated by sedentary behaviour, and human beings can help themselves by taking positive action. Gentle exercise is the thing, nothing too sudden or dramatic. Approach your physical exercise carefully and with gradual steps, building up to longer and more demanding movement. Don’t lift unsuitable weights at work or at home. Evaluate whether there are old chairs, couches or beds, which are aggravating your back through poor design. Don’t put up with pain, just because you feel like it has always been there. Make changes in your lifestyle to effect positive improvements.