I want to declare my hand before going any further with this article. My name is Alicia and I am an alcoholic. I stopped drinking nine months ago, after a lifetime of boozing and partying. I thought it important for readers to know my own situation before posting any further information. Drinking alcohol was a big part of my life for more than thirty years. I enjoyed drinking and its effects. Some of my partners cannot say the same thing, unfortunately. The effects of drinking are slightly different for each individual, but the amplifying of personality is a common influence of alcohol upon human beings.

Alcohol In Moderation: It’s Benefits And Drawbacks

Alcohol in moderation? What is that I wonder? Moderation is not something I associate with alcohol consumption; and I am sure many readers can, perhaps, empathise with that experience. Alcohol in moderation, like one glass a day, has been found to have positive effects on the health of human beings. It helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to some hundred medical studies completed globally. The reduction is in the order of some 25 to 40%. The French paradox springs to mind here.

The French exhibit comparatively low rates of heart disease, and this is despite the fact that they consume a diet, fairly, rich in dairy products like butter and cheese. Drinking alcohol in moderation is the challenge, however, as well I know myself. There are plenty of other diseases and cancers, which are caused by non-moderate levels of alcohol consumption. Liver inflammation can lead to cirrhosis, and cancers of the colon, rectum, mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, breast and liver, are all linked to excessive alcohol consumption in human beings.

Sweet sparkling wines like prosecco rot your teeth, according to dentistry reports coming out of London. Booze makes you feel good at the time and you want more of a good feeling thing, but it has consequences, both cosmetically and more profoundly for your health. Dentists are having to fix a prosecco smile gone terribly wrong in many instances. This cheap booze option is costing its proponents more than they initially bargained for. Alcohol in moderation, those three chilling and contradictory words ring out in my mind. The benefits might be there for the minority, who can find them in controlled behaviour. The greater majority say yes to another excess; and wake up the next morning hung over with growing health complaints.